Local is newer than extra

Get this error with pamac update:

Warning: manjaro-hello: local (0.6.6-10) is newer than extra (0.6.6-9)

Any ideas? Running on unstable branch.

Your primary mirror is outdated. You need to refresh your mirrorlist.

Also, this post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with AUR. It is related to the official Manjaro repos.

Mirror is updated.

For some reason, manjaro-hello 0.6.6-10 is only in the stable branch (See Branch Compare). You’d have to ask @philm about that one. :thinking:

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You are right. The stable version has higher version than the others:

Just looked at the raw json file. Anytime I see a version beginning with a digit colon (1:) or ending with a dash digit (-2), I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.

manjaro-hello#extra                 S 0.6.6-10                       T 0.6.6-9
fwupd-starlabs#community            S 1.7.3.r40.g935e92d0-2          T 1.7.3.r40.g935e92d0-1
python-docutils#community           S 0.17.1-2                       T 1:0.16-2