Loading spinning mouse cursor animation twitching left and right

I’m not quite sure when this started happening as I always update Manjaro the moment update is available, but the colorful loading mouse cursor animation is twitching left and right like there is a bug in animation frame of it. Instead of just spinning perfectly in place it looks like some frames are misplaced by one pixel to the left and then to the right which causes the loading mouse cursor to shift rapidly left and right by 1 pixel as it’s rotating. Anyone else having this? It’s actually quite annoying and I don’t remember it doing this in the past where it just perfectly rotated.

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Can you record that and upload here?
Press PrintScr and then V for video, the button turns red. Press to record your screen and the animation and upload.

Have you tried to change to a different cursor set and back? You can do that with Gnome Tweaks.
I use Biwata-Modern-Classic and I love it.
You can go to Gnome Look and download any great looking cursor and use Gnome tweaks to change the default one.

I have the same problem with cinnamon, I think it’s the bibata cursor themes. I hope it will be solved.

Thing is, I haven’t changed anything related to cursors. It shouldn’t change by itself either.

I’ve tried changing cursor back and forth and ALL Bibata cursors have this issue. ALL of them. Only Adwaita is fine. Someone messed up loading cursor animation (the circle one, not the circle with pointer one) and is now shared among all the cursor themes.

I don’t want to download new ursors, I just want default one to not be broken and distracting. It was fine till somewhat recently when this changed. It’s really distracting as it’s twitching left and right instead of smooth spinning animation.

It’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next upcoming release:

Funny. I don’t have this issue and if had to guess it is because I have that cursor and set to the largest size. I saw the video and looks normal size… maybe bigger cursor not afraid I’m afraid :smile:

I recently noticed that the spinning ‘wait’ mouse cursor in the configured ‘Bibata Modern Classic’ theme (checked via ‘GNOME Tweaks’) shakes one pixel left to right since a recent update. Looks strange.

I investigated and just wanted to FYI everyone, it’s a known bug and will hopefully be fixed with a future update:


Just installed the 2.0.6 update for Bibata cursor and the issue is still there. Was this update meant to fix it?

I also noticed recently that the bug has not been fixed.

According to the Github discussion I linked above, the issue has not been fixed in the 2.0.6 update. There hasn’t been any update in the discussion for the last 3 weeks but a fix has been committed apparently. All it needs is a new release which hasn’t been done yet.