LiveISO First welcome improvements

It would be nice if the Welcome screen before installing would detect your zone, and setup time zone, and most frequent keyboard layout and language there

  • being able to change it if it fails, or you use the second most used language there or you are abroad -

Also, if the resolution is fixed to 1080p or nearer.

I have a 28" 4k monitor, and to be able to read it with comfort at 4k, I need to set up to 3x or to 1080p the monitor, and I know where settings are in every DE, but it is not friendly for people that are not already familiar with the DEs.

Most non techie people do not know well English, and making easier the installing process for them would be great.

PS: These improvements, if done, can be also added to calamares time zone and language settings as well as 1080p as default resolution if available and not the max one without zoom.