Liveboot gets stuck at LiveMedia MHWD Script


im trying to install Manjaro-KDE on my pc, im running a AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D and an NVIDIA RTX 2070.

When trying to get into the liveboot i keep getting stuck in an endless loop of “A start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD Script (… / no limit)”
The PC doesn’t freeze it just runs infinitely.
i am using manjaro-kde-23.0.4-minimal-231015-linux65.iso
but i have also tried manjaro-kde-23.0.4-minimal-231015-linux515.iso and manjaro-kde-23.0.3-minimal-231011-linux515.iso

I found multiple threads on this on the forum but none of the solutions worked for me.
It happens on both “proprietary drivers” and “open-source drivers”.
i tried settings drivers=mesa in the grub options but the issue stays the same.
the iso’s work fine on other machines, and i have had other linux installations on this System before (they all had some sort of issue tho) but i’ve never had it where i could not even liveboot.
I appreciate all sort of help and i hope i haven’t missed the solution somewhere on the forum!

can you explain how you have created your USB iso ?

When I first tried to install Manjaro a couple of years ago I had the same problem. Adding the following to the grub command line solved it back then:


i tried two ways, one was with rufus, one with ventoy, both have the same result

this does get me into the liveboot! Thank you. I will try installing it later in the week when i have time and will see if it behaves weird when fully installed.

have you try with DD command ? ( be very careful when you target device )

rufus automatically puts it into dd mode these days. so yes. i think that is also what is recommended in the manjaro wiki

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