Live wallpaper in Gnome


I’m trying to have a live wallpaper in Gnome with help from mpv and xwinwrap.
It looks like this;
xwinwrap -fs -fdt -ni -b -nf -- mpv --no-audio "/home/storm/Videos/Live/" WID

The problem is there are still Window around the video and you can interact with it. What’s wrong with my script?


Got it working!

xwinwrap -fs -fdt -ni -b -nf -- mpv -wid WID --no-audio --loop "/home/storm/Videos/Live/"

Hi @Storm,

Very happy you got it working!

In the future, though, when providing a command, like here, or terminal output please wrap the output in triple backticks (```). This just cause the rendering of it to be much better, like this:

xwinwrap -fs -fdt -ni -b -nf -- mpv --no-audio "/home/storm/Videos/Live/" WID

instead of like this:

xwinwrap -fs -fdt -ni -b -nf -- mpv --no-audio "/home/storm/Videos/Live/" WID

This just akes it much easier to read.

I’ll will remember that, :slight_smile:

Just “I’ll” is fine. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a short video of what that line of commands do.


Yeah, that’s cool. But at the moment, it’s not for me.

But I’ll keep it handy for when neccessary.

How much resource use ?

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System Monitor says 101 MB
Bashtop says 0,7% of my 32 GB Ram


Last test. I have set it up to start automatically when gnome starts. It starts up right away, no hiccup.


but not for me. :slight_smile:

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