Live usb installer problem

Using Manjaro 20.2.1: trying to install from live usb. getting “Failed unmounting run Miso”. Miso is a usb stick I tried to install from but no longer is attached to the computer. I used a dvd disc with a fresh copy of Manjaro but it keeps reverting to the live disc with the installer. I Reenter info to install to storage device Kingston SA2000M8250G - 239.9 Gig (/dev/nvme0n1). Also erased disk added swap with hibernate. Tried Boot Loader location Master Boot location of the Kingston nvme and also System Partition (/). Still reverts to live disc.

you tried to be concise
and you where
too concise :wink:
I, for one, have no idea
what your problem is.

Thanks anyway for responding

Sounds like you have your usb as the first boot device in your bios. Might need to check your bios and configure the boot options to but the hard drive first or just remove the usb when you boot and put it back in after the system is booted up.