Live USB fails to boot after boot options screen

Trying to install Manjaro XFCE 21.1.6 from boot USB. After confirming initial booting options like language, time format, open/prorietary drivers, installation gets stuck on black screen and nothing happens. Tried various BIOS options, different USB ports; USB itself is perfectly fine - previously I successfuly installed from it the system to another machine.

PC specs: Intel Core i3-3220, ASUS P8B75, 8GB RAM.

(Some additional circumstances that, I believe, have to do with the issue:
Previously the machine had Windows 8.1 installed on it. During some work CPU fan had apparently failed that resulted in computer shutting down emergently. After that the system was able to start only in safe mode, which has led to nothing useful, all recovery utilities that were available to me did not solve the issue. Attempts to install Windows 10 was not successful: similar to Manjaro installation, it backs to black screen after initial logo with spinning dots. Frankly, it seems to me that hardware was damaged as result of above incident (why, however, system is able to operate in safe mode?), but I still have hope of something being wrong with installation and, therefore, seek assistance here.)
Thanks in advance.