Live DVD doesn't complete booting

I have installed XFCE (for more than 2 years) but after last update about 2 weeks ago my system is freezing every minute or so for some seconds and accessing the SSD for some seconds. I have desside to try KDE distro and I burned a DVD, I checked by 256 (it was ok) and start the installation process.
I have to say that I made the same process with XFCE and all goes smoothly.
With KDE the processing stops here

Any idea what is wrong ?

With plymouth being the first failure we can maybe get you back to something working with

All right. I will. But what I have to edit ? Just type “nolpymouth”?

The splash boot option is required for plymouth. Removing it should disable plymouth.

just delete the word “splash”, then boot

You can’t do any permanent changes to a read only boot medium like your DVD anyway.

First an introduction to boot options for Grub

You can tempoarily edit (add, remove, or change) boot options during boot from grub if you hit ‘e’ at selection.
Boot parameters will likely be one of or the final line, and probably include quiet and/or splash.

It made some progress but stopped in “failed to start Network Manager” (after many attempts) + failed to start Modem Manager. Should I try “with no free drivers” ?

Then I guess its not actually plymouth fault.

But I dont have good guesses either.

Recent ISOs worked fine for me, aside from this ventoy (usb iso multiboot) issue:

I’m booting from DVD but I’ll try to read everything you suggest (not easy with my smartphone). Thank you for the willing for help me

Well today I’ve downloaded the last .iso MANJARO_KDE_240 (I’m trying it right this moment) and everything goes smoothly. The only difficulty was to find how to switch between the “English(us)” keyboard layout and the Greek (my native language) layout. Fortunately “Google was my friend” and I guided to the way. For the moment I’m afraid to install it . No preview experience with KDE. I don’t believe that the problem at the beginning of this thread have solved. If an administrator reads this, please remove the all tread

So you mean the previous posts were about some earlier ISO ?

( this thread appeared about the same time as the release of the new ones so it was assumed, at least by myself, that this was using the current ones )

Yes I was referring to MANJARO -KDE 23.1.4 that was available for downloading at the 6th of April 2024
Thank you again cscs for your willing for support

PS. By the way CUPS suppose to work with live-DVD ? I haven’t install it yet (i torture it exhaustingly before installing it). Except if my RAM is very short (8G) for that.

The truth is that I’m vacillating between my already familiar & relatively simpler XFCE & the more visually appealing KDE. It is also the challenge

I believe so as it should be included. At least in the full versions.