Little problem with hiding application

Hi,I 'm using manajaro linux XFCE edition ,my problem is that i hide an application and now i would like to restore it ,how i can do this ? could any one help me please???!

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How did you do this?

Do you mean with Menu Editor (Menu Libre)? Open menu editor and unhide the application. If you removed the software you will need to re-install.

Applications Panel-Settings-Menu Editor or
Right Click on Desktop, Choose Applications-Settings-Menu Editor

it’s easy, right clic on the application you want to hide then choose from the menu (hide application),it’s easy!

I entered to (Right Click on Desktop, Choose Applications-Settings-Menu Editor) but I did’nt find how to restor it to start menu!

in your /home/your user name/.local/share/applications/ find the .desktop file for the application that you hid. Open the .desktiop file with a text editor and remove the line Hidden=true and save the file. You will probably need to logout or restart for the result to take effect.

This can easily be accomplished with Menu Editor as well.

Open the directory ~/.local/share/applications/, find the .desktop file that is relevant to the application you hid from the Whisker Menu and delete it.
Before deleting it, open it with a text editor and make sure that it only contains:


You might need to logout/login for the changes to have effect.

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thanks i restored it

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