Little error in KDE dialog

Hi manjaro team,
this only a itsybitsy little thing but still I wanted to report it:
It should be written “Drahtlose” instead of Dratlos.
Maybe you can correct it one of these days.
kind regards.

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No, I’m afraid we cannot. We don’t develop Plasma. We take most of our packages directly from Arch, and they don’t develop it either.

KDE Plasma is developed by — surprise, surprise — KDE. Feel free to contact them with regard to the translation errors, though.

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ok, I thought this is only in manjaro. Since I don’t use other distros, I couldn’t know it better.

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No, I think it’s an anglicism for “Verflixt und zugenäht” and only a space is missing… :rofl:


So you mean “Draht lose” ?

This seams to be the right translation for “deactivated” :wink:

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