Little different background for preformatted text please

I would like some other background color for preformatted text in light theme so it can be more easily distinguished from the rest of the text. Right now it’s almost white on white. How about light blue or green or whatever else?

Unfortunately, we’re dependent on the platform and they’re dependent on the markdown libraries they use, so what seems like a simple request is actually quite complicated…


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Most of the difference is the monospace font. It is indeed harder to see if you only use one backtick ` mid-sentence like you did. However, using three backticks to post a log or somesuch is much more noticeable. It also adds a handy copy button.

Would it really be that impossible?
The background for it is defined in color_definitions_manjaro-teal-amber*.css, assuming generated stylesheet.

But if you use Firefox you can override it locally:
Set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true in about:config.
Create ~/.mozilla/firefox/{profile}/chrome/userContent.css. add:

@-moz-document domain( {
    :root code {
        --hljs-bg: #e0efe5;

Probably not if it’s just fiddling with CSS. Maybe @codesardine could take a look when he has time.

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CSS is the use… editing the code!

Switch to the “dark” theme, it’s beautiful :grin: