Lite boot image for 2G/32GB Acer Switch 10

I had an Acer Aspire Switch 1 with win10 preinstalled. It recently BSOD’d for lack of disk space (was expecting this) and I was going to put in Manjaro every other PC I have. I burned the XFCE image to a USB and the first selection page to 10 mins to show up. But it never booted to the live version.

Is there a way to use this image to boot lite or is there a lite boot image for such small spec devices?

Thanks in advance!

What did it boot to? Can you show pictures or any other info?

2GB isn’t very little because those pinephones use around 2GB or less and they run okay. But maybe they are built as a slim OS.

I got ArchLinux gnome in it successfully as I could not find a Manjaro-lite bootable quick enough. Had to do a bit of bios tweaks to get the boot working and remove Win10. The only problems left are that there is no webcam and mic drivers and system wakes mid-sleep.