List of extra software in Manjaro Repos

Hey, where can i get a list all the extra software that is in manjaro Repos but not in arch repos (like topgrade). Is there a webpage available that lists the difference ?

Hi @hritwik,

Personally, I’m not aware of that, but I might just have missed it.

However, as workaround, you can check the packages of your mirror: It might not immediately look like what you’re asking for, but when doing some digging there is a lot more information.

Hope this helps!

You can use or Manjaro - Branch Compare for the Manjaro packages.

About Arch, there is obviously Arch Linux - Package Search

And you can compare both to guess what is specific to Manjaro and what comes from upstream.

Was looking for this, myself. So thank you!

Not that I know of. I think you get an idea if you open a repo in your web browser then navigate to the subfolder pool/overlay which contains packages explicitly build by Manjaro e.g.
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you can search package by manjaro packager ( env 1200 ) but some are in arch

LANG=en pacman -Si | awk -F':' '/^Name/{name=$2} /^Packager.*manjaro/{print name}'

thanks ! That gives me list of software which are overlayed over arch packages. But There are some packages (like topgrade) which are not in Arch repos, but are available in manjaro repos. I want to list these packages.