Linux-zen, linux-lqx? Arch, Manjaro

The linux-zen Kernel 6.5.9 is available in Arch Repo, but not in Manjaro.
And Linux-lqx 6.5.9 is available in Manjaro, but not in Arch repos…?
So Is linux-zen Kernel the same as linux-lqx? Whats the difference?

Hi @ara,

Manjaro maintains its own kernels, any other non-official kernels can probably be found in the AUR if not self-compiled.


Have a look here:

Where did you see that Manjaro provided linux-lqx?

Indeed. Is from AUR:

No they are not identical - they are build with different assumptions about the usage for the target system.

The question has been asked before

You build the lqx or zen kernel → there is nothing to stand in your way.

Just remember to not mix custom build kernel with Manjaro Nvidia driver or if using Virtualbox - the Manjaro Virtualbox host modules.

And if you get issues while running a custom kernel - you are on your own.

Just the same as I am on my own - as I am building linux-next from a custom script AUR (en) - linux-next-git - I rebuilt my kernel just yesterday.

 $ uname -r

In a sense my system kernel is more like Cachy OS but more in line of Linux mainline

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