Linux support/drivers for HP ProDesk 405 G6 (AMD PRO 565 chipset, Renoir Ryzen 4750GE, Realtek RTL8111FPH-CG)?

Maybe wrong category,

i wanted to ask if there is Linux support for the hardware
HP ProDesk 405 G6

which contains:
AMD PRO 565 chipset
Renoir Ryzen 4750GE (APU)
Realtek RTL8111FPH-CG

Update: all seems to be working, after these steps:

  1. find/install package r8168 . On Debian it is “sudo apt install r8168-dkms”, then “reboot”.
  2. installed a AMD firmware (KDE started working after that): sudo apt install isenkram && isenkram-autoinstall-firmware

Wifi may be problematic.

Thank you,
there is another HW-probe for same computer sub-model where the whole network adapter fails (so one have to use, USB network adapter)
Kernel: 5.8.11-1-MANJARO

[ 7.789848] r8169 0000:08:00.1: can’t disable ASPM; OS doesn’t have ASPM control
[ 7.789964] r8169 0000:08:00.1: unknown chip XID 54b
Yours linked computer detects the 8169 and has newer kernel 5.10.9-201.
Btw. this computer possibly needs Linux to be installed with EFI and GPT partition, not MBR.

Confirming: just got DeskPro 405 G6 and had to compile mainline kernel (5.12-rc6) in order to make the network adapter work.

This week the realtek chip with driver r8169 started working, ethernet now works, in kernel 5.12.16-1-MANJARO and also in 5.13.1-3 , thank you