Linux-pinebookpro packages still available for download? wanna test the DP over USB-C

Hello. I was searching for the status of the DP over USB-C feature and found just few comments it was working with the linux-pinebookpro kernel, but unfortunately the patch has not been ported to the available 6.x kernels. I couldn’t find the linux-pinebookpro kernel packages, but found at least a git repository with the PKGBUILD for version 5.7.19-2 and rebuilt the package from source. However booting the kernel ended up with kernel panic. Any chance someone still has the packages where the USB-C alt function for DP worked correctly and the kernel was bootable?
Thank you

That is likely because the there is no longer separate maintenance for pinebook pro kernel.

The pinebook pro is using the generic image - which would then use the linux-lts - that is if I recall correct.

You need a pinebook pro specific patched build of the kernel, before manjaro moved to mainline. Or you can look for the megi kernels at fro pbp.
The hdmi out of the pinedock “just” worked with Manjaro with the pinebook pro (patched) kernel, and is now broken for a long time. Apparently the patch was ugly and not aceptable for mainlining without a rewrite, design. And pinebook itself is not doing any software development (of funding it).
I read somewhere that that someone installed a realy old Manjaro with the patched kernel and then updated everything (except for the kernel),to latest. But then you are stuck with an old none standard kernel.