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I’m new to the forum, so maybe I missed the category. I have several questions:

  • Does linux(manjaro in this case) have any pdf reader able to digitally sign .pdf documents using smart card reader

  • If it does, what it is?

I tried to install Adobe Reader DC via wine, but only got blank Adobe Download Manager window. And after going to winehq page about Adobe Reader DC, it says signing wont work.

I’m hoping I won’t need to dual boot windows just for this.

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I heard Evince and Okular can sign pdfs. I haven’t tried, since I don’t actually use/need it.


I’ve tried them both, and they don’t have feature to digitally sign pdfs using smart card reader. I also tried Foxit Reader, he has only handwriting signing.

I am using online Qualified pdf sign provider ( ). But I think pdfsam can do it. Manjaro has a package.

Doc. PDFSam Site

Using Google I found that reference : PDF signing

Hi, I will try skribble, because I don’t want to pay 60USD for being able to digitally sign a pdf document, which Adobe Reader DC on Windows has for free.

Thank you for suggestions! :slight_smile:

Yes but for free the signature has nearly no value. Skribble you can sign 2 pdf’s per months for free (which has legal value) or 3USD per pdf or 60USD if you are a massive signer.

But a dual boot just for signing pdf … You can find open tools for that see my previous message

Scribble doesn’t yet support eID - which is maximum legal according to skribble, which I use to sign my documents, I guess I’ll just dual boot windows then. If anyone has any other options feel free to write.

To clarify, I’m using smart card reader, in which I put my ID card, and than use it for logging into government webpage to ask for birth certificate, make passport and such things(I dont like to stand in lines he he) and to digitally sign document that have legal weight as if I’m writing with my hand.

Thank you for help!

You can use Kleopatra to manage and link your smart card, but you should check card compatibility first

Then you use LibreOffice to sign existing PDF


Sadly, it doesn’t support my card :frowning:

I was using Foxit Reader for that, but Okular will have that feature as well in some upcoming KDE apps update.

Could you try KeyStore Explorer to load keystore from your card
You need also OpenJDK 8 or above to run it
sudo pacman -S jre-openjdk

I wasn’t able to load keystore from my card. I’m not sure how to do it or if i can. There is eID Middleware program to change my PINs, but other than that, there are no other features :confused:

Could you try see if this helps

Thank you for your help, but it looks like it was made specifically for Belgian ID cards. I installed 2 additional plugins - one is Firefox plugin, other is .jar file; installed Belgian eID software with:

yay -S eid-mw

and it doesn’t read my card data, such as sex, age, etc. And plugin also can’t read my ID card. Says “insert your ID card”.

So I’m back to my country eID software which has only few features - changing signature key, identification key and master key. I also managed to import PCKS#11 module into Firefox so I can log into government webpages. Maybe I can try to ask my government to make a simple webpage to sign documents just as Belgians have?

There is always a chance that I have done something wrong so I’ll try a couple of times more.
Also, sorry if I’m writing weird, english is not my primary language :upside_down_face:

Probably jsignpdf from aur will work and also Libreoffice (as long you have follow instructions from smart card provider to include ID authorities to your firefox|thunderbird) as it gets settings from firefox|thunderbird.

Europe use module PKCS#12 (storage) for signing and PKCS#11 for internet. So if you try jsignpdf (or the others software) you must select BCPKCS12 in stored keys, otherwise will not work!

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Okay, so how do I find keystore file for jsignpdf? And what is the keystore password? Signature password?

Keystore type=BCPKCS12
+Advanced view
keystore file=""
Keystore password=PIN-ID
then press Load Keys
Key alias=check that correct alias (usually the first) is selected (in Greece we have 2, administr. and private, only the first is legal adm. and the second is only for authenticate that came from you)
key password=’""
Input PDF file=click Browse,document to be signed
PDF Encryption=Certificate
Certification level=No changes allowed
Hash algorithm=SHA1
Visible signature+

and only the first time setup by clicking TSA/OCSP/CRL
+use timestamp server
TSA URL=address of timestamp server for your goverment
for example in Greece TSA URL=
TSA auth=without
TSA Policy=OID
for example in Greece TSA Policy=
and other blank > OK

and you are ready to press Sign it and with pushed left click to draw a box where to the place your signature in document.
The signed document will saved in same folder and with filename original_filename_SIGNED.pdf

for more details see JSign pdf

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That is pretty much the solution, I will certainly try it out. I just need to see what is my timestamp server. Thank you!

I forget to tell you something important:

  1. the jsignpdf is old (~2016 last update if remember correctly) so you must test it with java-8 (command: sudo archlinux set java-8-openjdk/jre
  2. -and of course to install it with pacman -S jre8-openjdk or better with pamac-manager-).
  3. The Libreoffice (writer & draw) solution (which for me is the easier -and the first- solution to begin as it comes with exactly instructions how to make to work with eID) to work, you have :
    1st) to follow instructions to setup firefox for eID
    2nd) check that works (for example you can use to get a birth certificate)
    3rd) Always before your eID appear in Libreoffice suite you must open firefox and connect to your card > Settings > Security > to bottom Security Devices > connect.
    After that:
    4rd) Open the document (must be saved first if you have modify it) then File> digital signatures > Sign document > select your digital signature (that appears only if you have done the 3rd step).
    Haven’t find yet any solution that I can view my signatures in libreoffice suite without opening firefox or thunderbird so if anyone know something about please share.
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