Linux noob breaks hybrid GPU setup :'(

tl;dr : I am very inexperienced and I broke my GPU drivers. Plz help :cry:
So I started up Enshrouded and it told em my GPU driver was outdated (But it still worked great!). I tried updating the driver but I am bad at linux and I broke something. I tried to follow some guides to reinstall the drivers but nothing. Installed hardware probe did this did that.

I was about to just format my whole computer and install Ghost Spectre (Custom Win11 build) out of frustration. I just want to play my game smoothly. But my USB drive has bad sectors or something similar so it doesn’t work right.

I tried to make my phone boot the Win11 iso and I would have to research drivedroid and see how it works.

So this is my problem. I just want my video games. My iGPU will work for doom (1993) and other games (Doom Eternal somewhat) but Enshrouded is slow. I could turn the graphics down maybe but I really want to use my 3050.

I know you probably need some command results from me but I am not sure what to run. Can someone help?

We dont know anything about what you did, and saying ‘some guides’ does not help much.

Drivers in manjaro are handled through mhwd … did you use that, or did you do something else?

If it was something else please be explicit. We might already know it was likely ‘wrong’ … but to what extent? If you manually downloaded something from some website and ran it then that may not be recognized by the regular means (pacman, mhwd, etc).

For now … we can at least get system information (and what mhwd sees)

inxi -Fazy
mhwd -li -l