Linux mint web apps cant find it

hi all thank you for taking the time to help me

i have moved from gnome manjaro to the kde version think this the desktop DE is-the one i want to stay with as i do think it works with my work flow a bit better

but when i was using the gnome version they had the nice app made my Linux mint web apps but i cant seem to find this in the software repo in the kde version anyone now what its called so i can get it added to my install

thank you again for taking the time to read this and help me

I cant either without more information.

What is this software?
What is its purpose?
What does it look like?
What is its name, or as close as you can remember?

I dont mean to sound rude … but “blank blank mint app blank blank” is very little to go off of.

hi thank you so much for your fast reply yes your right somtimes i dont all ways explain my self right

it is this app i think

it is called web app manger i think its a nice little tool for turning them web app /sites into desktop like apps into the system is a nice touched the mint team added over using the browser from off web apps was an nice tool i was using an lot

thank you again for your help

If it is what I think it is … then I believe Mint stopped developing that tool … partially because most modern browsers provide this functionality themselves.

So it is quite possible it existed then … and not now. I cannot find such a package.

If you would like. There still exists what I used to use, which is in the AUR, ice-ssb

(of course let me know if you are indeed not talking abut an ssb or ssb-manager)

In Manjaro is webapp-manager

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The package is called webapp-manager. There’s also our fork with Pamac support using JAK for native apps called webapp-manager-manjaro.


oh sneaky dashes being moved around.

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Hi cscs now it not that tool its a new tool the made for that last version i think i cant add links yet to the forums so i cant send the direct link to an page talking about it

thanks all got it added now :smiley:

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