Linux-lts as a dependency

I need a package from AUR that requires linux-lts >= 510 and linux-lts-headers >= 510 as dependencies. Do I understand it correctly, that these packages essentially point to linuxXX and linuxXX-headers, so as long as I have linux510 and linux510-headers, I can skip this dependecy check?

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What AUR package?

It’s nvidia-340xx. As you probably know, this series is no longer available in repos. I have tried switching to nouveau, but got fed up with it: on my system it regularly hangs Firefox.

This? [HowTo] get legacy 340xx NVIDIA drivers back (require kernel 5.4 or 5.10 only)

You will probably also need to use the current trick for Nvidia 390 too I guess

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Thanks, I have just tried the steps in the post you gave a link to, but I can’t reach the graphical target. To be precise, the last message, after which the system doesn’t load further is actually reached target bluetooth support.

Bluetooth should not be a problem: I temporarily reverted the changes and started the system with nouveau drivers. I am now in graphical mode and bluetooth is working fine.

You also did the IgnoreABI thing?

Anyway if you prefer to install the AUR package, make sure to exactly give a reference to what you want help for as we still don’t know which package you want to install.

You probably are talking about this package AUR (en) - nvidia-340xx-lts-dkms From what I understand LTS kernel should be 5.10 kernel.

There is this package on AUR that seems to have patches even for 5.15 kernel AUR (en) - nvidia-340xx-dkms

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Erm, no. There was nothing about it in that topic [HowTo] get legacy 340xx NVIDIA drivers back. Looked now at the topic AUR (en) - nvidia-340xx-lts — and yes, I missed that part. Gonna try now.

The new xorg server is not compatible with Nvidia drivers 390 (still kinda supported as legacy though, but still Nvidia didn’t update them yet), so it is surely not compatible with these unsupported 340 drivers so it is required to now use this trick.

You can see all AUR packages providing 340 drivers also implemented it in some form.

//EDIT: anyway this is an old thread, an was just a workaround for people still in need of these drivers, there is no official support on Manjaro for these old legacy drivers unfortunately so maybe the AUR route in the end would be better, I just mentioned it as it was working in the past.

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Thanks, with IgnoreABI everything is working smoothly.

For future reference — concerning my initial question, was I right that I don’t have to have installed linux-lts package as long as my kernel is actually LTS? (meaning that I can skip this dependency check?)

Actually I’m not sure, as LTS kernel is a wide range of kernel, I would guess that it is probably the current LTS kernel defined by this linux-lts package (which anyway is not provided in Manjaro so you could not install it).

//EDIT: and this linux-lts package currently defines 5.10 as kernel version, so you would probably need kernel 5.10 in this case. Arch Linux - Package Search

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Yes, that’s precisely why I wanted to skip this dependency check :slight_smile: