Linux-latest not updated, Linux56 dropped

Guys…, Girls… Manjaro Team, whatever…

You dropped linux56 from the repos without updating linux-latest.

This is a mess:

Package contains linux56 conflict, version is 5.7-2:

Does not contain linux56 conflict, version is 5.8-1:

How does this even happen…

SUPPORT? Why would you move this to support @Aragorn. This is not a support request!

This is not a category for help requests per se. It’s a category for kernel-related issues. You had posted it in the #Development category, which is reserved for the Manjaro developers themselves.


Why were my previous posts on both the old forum and the new forum not moved to support when I contributed? This makes no sense. This is not a support request or a kernel issue I am having. I’ll even tell you the solution: rebuild the packages and bump pkgver to 5.8 and pkgrel to 2, otherwise you will get shit like this: Telegram: Contact @nullworks Is it now considered a post fitting for #Development, now that I’ve told the team the solution?

I have no idea. I haven’t been a moderator all that long yet. I’ll invite one of the devs to come and take a look, and if they feel that your thread should be moved to the #Development category, then they can still do so ─ they all have moderator status.

On a personal note however, I would like to ask you to tone down your attitude somewhat. Your posting style and the “thumbs-down” you immediately stuck on my reply come across as aggressive at the least, if not arrogant.


I’m mad cause this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. The Maintainer who pushed the updated package should’ve noticed the version mismatch. The Maintainer should also not have pushed only a single package, they should have pushed all packages generated by linux-latest on gitlab. This issue could’ve easily been avoided, but yet here we are… Getting this moved to support only added gasoline to the fire.

I have now notified two developers, one of whom I think handles the kernel-related packages. I’ll leave it up to them to decide.


Thanks, I apologize for my aggressive messages.


I think there is a misunderstanding here. It’s not reserved for developers only, if it was it wouldn’t be visible to regular users. The topic can be in support/kernel category, but it would’ve fit in the development too.

There seems indeed to have happened a mistake, which should be sorted post haste. What branch is this in?

I don’t usually do kernel packaging and don’t have the hardware for it, but fixing the metapackage should be no problem…

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Hmm… The OP says that the latest kernel is 5.8.1 ─ their screenshot says so too ─ but I’m on Stable and the Manjaro Settings Manager here says that the latest stable kernel is 5.8.6-1.

(Thread moved to Packaging - Manjaro Linux Forum again.)

Fixed in unstable branch …


Nice, I only just got them built…

Just to clear up some confusion: OP talked about linux-latest package and it’s version number - not the version of the linux58 package.


Great that this is now in testing, but it does not help the people that need it. The experienced testers already know how to take care of such an issue, but the average stable user probably doesn’t:

I propose fast-tracking linux-latest (and maybe mhwd so I can finally build a new ISO) to stable.

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