Linux issue with monitor and cable adapter. Solved

So, i changed my gpu, and it no longer has vga port, so i cant get new monitor atm, i use vga/dvi adapter, and when i tried installing manjaro(and also later tried different distros) it starts installation and goes no signal, works fine woth windows, so i took tv and hdmi cable, and installed manjaro, but when i return to my monitor it goes no signal and shows blackscreen.
Is there anything i can do about that besodes using tv or buying new monitor?
Thank you in advance for helping.


First check these things.

  1. Does the monitor work as pure vga?
  2. What type of DVI adapter are you using? dvi-d, dvi-i?
  3. What is the brand of Monitor you have?
  4. Do you have it connected to the right port on video card
  5. What settings do you have in bios when it comes to video
  6. What system do you have? post inxi -Fazy so those helping can see your system specs.
  7. does the DVI adapter even work?
  1. Yeah, as i wrote, works in windows, i am currently using it,
  2. Dvi-D,
    3.Acer X223W Q,
  3. Yes i have it connected to right port,
  4. Wouldnt know, i dont think my motherboard has video settings.
  5. Windows atm, as linux doesnt work, because of this issue.
  6. I suppose, since i have monitor connected.
    Hope i answered as u needed it.
    Motherboard is h61m-p20(G3)

I fixed it by replacing vga to dvi, with vga to hdmi adapter.

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