Linux is extremely slow and laggy

Hey, I am new to Linux and I tried a lot to fix my problems with Linux Manjaro in the terminal.
PC specs: 5500G, RX6600, B500M Pro-VHD Wifi, 16GB 3600MHz and 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD.

Manjaro Plasma needs 1,5 minutes to boot and then its still slow and sometimes it doesn’t even react on clicks/input from mouse/keyboard and freezes applications.
And if the system was in the standbye it goes on but mouse and keyboard don’t react again.

before Plasma I used Xfce and Pop OS for a few hours but there were similar problems.

What else could I try to get it fix?

Pls help

Any OS takes time to boot on a non SSD harddrive.


You can first open Konsole type inxi -F and post the out put here using a code box. 3 ~ above your output text, and 3 ~ below it.


it sounds to me like a problem with the hdd, you should verify the hard disk integrity i use hard disk sentinel. and as Maltavius say you should try an ssd for the OS and hdd for files.
you probabli can test this runing linux form pendrive to see if this problems do dont persist.


Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

That is actually a very nice time when using a rotational Hard-Drive…
The slow responsiveness could be related to lack of special graphics drivers for your GFX-Card.

To help others help you better see the thread linked below and post output, as explained in there, of the below command:
(The first wont give any output)

export LANG=C
inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --width

Well, I had a similar problem, and something which helped me was discussed on this thread.

See the part related to baloo indexer: that solved the problem for me.

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