Linux apps for viewing .dwg (autocad) file?

I want to view and maybe print, or convert an autocad “.dwg” file from 2008 that I used to have when I was still on Windows. Does anyone know of free apps compatible with Manjaro for this?

freecad should fit your needs, but there are still a lot more avaiable.

Hi @Melahi ,
I wonder whether you can download the following appimage, in order to solve your problem.
ODA File Converter | Open Design Alliance
I found it here:
FreeCAD and DWG Import - FreeCAD Documentation

Also, you can install and try to do the task with this package from the AUR repository.
AUR (en) - libredwg-git

Hope this help, regards.

Draftsight has very good compatibility. There’s a 2019 version in AUR. I think they stopped development of the Linux version. You also have BrisCAD in AUR (I never tried it). Honestly, I’ve been using CorelCAD in Wine for the last years, so I don’t know how FreedCAD import work currently, but it never fit my needs. I used Draftsight for a long time, then went for a Windows VM with AutoCAD for a while and ended up buying CorelCAD. dwg support under Linux have always been a problem.