Linux Air Combat now runs great on Manjaro

“Linux Air Combat” (or “LAC” or “lac” for short) is a new, free, open-source combat flight simulator that I wrote for Linux, based on the menu and graphical framework of the classic old “gl-117” arcade game. After six years of coding and testing, it is now available in the “AUR” (Arch User Repository) as “linux-air-combat” and it runs very nicely on Manjaro LINUX.

Simulating 54 of the most important combat aircraft of World War II, lac supports flight controls based on joystick, console game controller, or mouse. Old-school graphics compare favorably with combat flight simulators from the genre’s “classic” period, like “Combat Flight Simulator 2”, “Air Warrior 3”, “Aces High 1”, or “Warbirds”. Several free, Internet-based, multi-player missions each support as many as 10 simultaneous players. A google or YouTube search for “Linux Air Combat” will yield LOTS of related information, images, and video clips.

Our little online community needs more players. If you enjoy classic aircraft or historically based online flight simulation, please join us!

Here’s a YouTube PlayList showing EXACTLY how I used the AUR to install lac on a brand-new, “virgin” Manjaro desktop in June of 2021: