Limited network access since yesterday night

Hello I am facing a issues from yestarday midnight when i was pushing some codes to github. suddenly a warning pops up and says that i have a limited network access, i used my mobile hostspot network to do all of my stuff, and it’s 5ghz connection. but i am not understand what happened just after 3:16 am that warning pops and my upload speed has affected quite.
I got very good speeds about 20 mbps or so while uploading (due to the node is very near to my house)
but yestarday i get just 100kbps after that popup
what fishy thing going on can one on help me to figure out?


Try this and see if things get better


was this


Still facing issues some time says login to your network, sometimes ago it did get restore automatic way but again same issue

nope still the issue presist

Even after making the change and reboot the system?

It’s now working sir