Lightweight email client

I am looking for an open source and lightweight email client which would support most of the popular email providers - gmail, hotmail, yahoo, proton, tutanota etc.

I have been using thunderbird for a while but it lately it has started crashing so I am looking for an alternative.

Which is your favorite email client? Open Source is a must.


What desktop environment are you using? All three of the official desktop editions come with a Free & Open Source email client.

  • In KDE Plasma, there’s KMail.
  • In GNOME and XFCE, there’s Evolution.
  • The Deepin Community Edition has Deepin Mail — it’s qt-based, so it should also be usable in Plasma and the LXQt Community Edition.

Other notable standalone GUI email clients are…

  • claws-mail (Extra repository)
  • pantheon-mail (Community repository)
  • sylpheed (AUR)

The AUR has many others still, including some Electron-based apps.

I just use gmail. Easy to “install” and “backup” Works on the phone and PC.

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Switch to a blank profile in Thunderbird and see if the problem persists.
Also check journal for the crash.

KMail uses Akonadi which pulls a mysql server. That is seriously not lightweight.

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Years ago I threw away email clients in favor of webmail.

pamac search --no-aur 'mail client'

should give a couple of options from the repo - geary is an option

you could dive into custom packaged from AUR if fell so inclined.

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Can’t get much lighter than neomutt.

yes, looking into neomutt now, the scary thing is the terminal-only :slight_smile:

Could it be due to some extension you installed? I ask because I’ve been using Thunderbird for many years and the last time it crashed was over a year ago.

no, got no addons. Precisely, it just freezes once starts compacting folders and I even cannot kill the thunderbird process I am only left with rebooting

I used Bluemail for a while on my Netflix lappy, with good success. But then I just switched to webmail.

Bluemail is available to download and install.

Another option is Betterbird, Tbird on steroids they say.
It is also available to click and download.