Lightscribe installation problem

I’ve installed Manjaro 21.3.0 Ruah kernel 5.15.
I’m using AUR to install bin32-4l LaCie lightscribe labeler and/or bin32-lightscribe-labeler, but no luck.
The link for 4L LaCie comes up with 404 error and it’s down at LaCie servers… they probably took it down and don’t maintain it anymore!
Can the link be changed and/or pointed to another server hosting a valid installation package?
As for the bin32-lightscribe-labeler the installation fails with so many errors… I managed to get it past building lib32 but the last two packages: lib32-qt4 and the lightscribe-labeler itself fail with “error 2”…
Does anyone knows a solution?

You can freely change the source in your copy of the PKGBUILD.

You might also want to look for an alternative.

Il you look in pamac, you may go to AUR :slight_smile: AUR (en) - lightscribe-labeler
Here, the package is 5 years old …
Il you search on the web, lightscribe is dead … A site may give you some hope : but only for mac and windows !
Otherwise, on, you may find alternatives, such as glabels that is in community. Give it a try ! :wink:

Thank you for your answer!
So, if I find and download a valid package of 4L LaCie, I can edit the link for my installation in AUR to point to my local directory, leave anything else as it is in the PKGBUILD, (well unless the package I find is in a different format…??) and my installation would go on? Is this a correct assumption?

Thank you for your reply!
The gLabels option seems awesome! But can I print on a cd/dvd from glabels?
I’m searching, but cant find any documentation whether glabels works with lightscribe drives, and if it needs, or works with lightscribe system software…

No idea about printing on a CD. It’s probably more the problem of the printer. But, according to pamac comment for glabels, it prints CD labels (on paper).

Even before H-P shut down lightscribe, I could never get it to work under Linux.

That’s unfortunate. I don’t know what distro you used, but back when I had Lightscribe I was running Kubuntu, I don’t remember having any significant issues but this was 2008 - 2012, all I remember is that I “printed” many dozen of discs. Too bad the dreaded fading problem couldn’t be fixed. While I no longer have any discs I made, a friend still has one I gave her and the label is so faded now you can barely read it.