Lightning calendar not available?

I cannot get the Lightning calendar in Thunderbird. All the responses to others who have posted a similar question do not work or do not apply for me (e.g., I don’t have an icon in the upper right corner that has anything to do with a calendar, there is no “Events and Tasks” menu entry, etc.) If, as someone on the forum mentioned, it’s included as part of Thunderbird now, there should be a way to enable it, but I haven’t been able to find one.
I installed the Manjaro-kde-21.3.7-220816-linux515 package several days ago and all updates since then. I’m using Thunderbird 102.5.0 (64-bit)manjaro-kde-21.3.7-220816-linux515.
Coming from the Ubuntu world (Kubuntu), I have always needed to install Lightning from a separate package; it was never “automatically” available in Thunderbird.
The only references to Lightning in Pamac are to unrelated packages.
I have also not been able to find any help from the Thunderbird help pages, just a suggestion to use my distro’s support, since I installed from a distro’s package.
Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

One way of seeing the calendar is to use the keyboard shortcut: ctrl + 3

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Would thunderbird-tbsync be what you’re looking for?

Sync contacts, tasks and calendars to thunderbird using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and CalDAV/CardDAV

If so, that package is in the AUR. :arrow_down:

pamac build thunderbird-tbsync

You don’t see any of these?

Here are three different buttons that can bring up the Calendar for my Thunderbird.


Same Thunderbird version as you. I have no addons or extensions installed. I have no extra packages installed.

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t try it as I was able to get the calendar to come up using a different method suggested by one of the other responders.

Thanks, ydar. I tried one of the other suggestions first and it worked, so haven’t tried this; I’ll keep it as a backup.

This one worked, Winnie, thanks very much! I only had one of the buttons you showed, the Spaces Menu. I’d never noticed it before. After enabling the calendar there, I now have the Events and Tasks menu.
Much obliged, to you and the other responders as well!

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