Lightdm-webkit2-greeter is on the wrong Monitor at login

When I used the default lightdm-gtk-greeter, its was on the primary monitor I set it to, but when I switched to webkit2 using the glorious theme, it appears on the other monitor which is not operational during login(image not supported). I attempted using lightdm-slick and it appeared on the primary monitor so I’m wondering why webkit2 isn’t working. Any ideas?

The webkit2 greeter doesn’t work too well (or not at all, for some)
even apart from your issue.
… from what I have read and encountered here … experience, so to speak

I’d advise to not use it - even if it looks pretty. :sunglasses:

I figured out I just had to use a xrandr script and put it directly into the lightdm.conf file. After that it worked!

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