Lightdm gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control fil ERROR

Hi all, manjaro An error in Cinnamon desktop, no matter how much I searched, I could not find a solution. I have to solve this problem and thank you in advance to friends who can help me.

It is just informational.

    It's a set of messages that belongs together.

    It doesn't find the daemon control file, so it caches the password, and is successful in opening the keyring once the session is properly initialized.

    Read, there is no issue and no error and this is of informational value. It could be relevant if the daemon fails to start during session init, as that isn't the case here it can be safely ignored.

    The underlying reason is likely that gkr-pam runs before the system  gets around to initializing the rest of the session and starting relevant user services, so the gnome-keyring daemon that is intended to be unlocked does not yet run the first time this check happens.

source: [SOLVED] gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

Your favorite search engine :grinning: is your friend.

Thank you for your reply. I have read this article and I have read different discussions, but there were also workarounds. As a result, Lightdm fails at startup, and it tries again after 1 second, resulting in success. Why does the first attempt of Lightdm result in an error and how I can solve the error on the first try is my research in this direction.

I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for in google. I wouldn’t have opened this topic if I had already found it. I’ve been dealing with this issue for 4 days and it’s the only error on my computer and I don’t want to ignore it. I’m looking for a friend who has the same thought.