Light-lock: don't lock other users sessions


I want to be able to do fast user switching with ctrl-alt-f7 and ctrl-alt-f8 (two users logged into two sessions). Problem is that when I switch back to the other user I get This session is locked and I’m redirected to the login screen where I have to enter my password again.

I found that the locking is done by light-locker. By disabling the Screen Locker entry in Application Autostart there are no more This session is locked screens.

Problem is that now the “Lock Screen” in the Whisker Menu does not work anymore.

Is there a way to disable the automatic locking of sessions and still keep the “Lock Screen” functionality. I checked the man page, but I don’t understand what’s the trigger for light-lock to lock the session.

Have you considered removing light-locker and trying (installing) with xfce4-screensaver? You can enable lock screen through xfce4-screensaver. It is available from the official repositories.

I will try that as a last resort.

In lack of better/proper solution for light-locker I removed light-locker and installed xfce4-screensaver as suggested by @jrichard326.

To make the whiskers menu lock button work (it calls xflock4), change this:

That will set the default lock command to xfce4-screensaver-command --lock. Then you can lock your screen with xflock4 or by clicking on:

Hmm… I think there are some more moving parts here. :wink:

I’m now using xfce4-screensaver (as described above) but the screen of the other user is still getting locked. Something thinks the screen needs to be locked. I want to lock the screen only manually - don’t want it to be automatically locked, because it causes problems when switching between users.

I’ve set it like this:

Any ideas?

P.S.: Note that if I uncheck Enable Lock Screen then I can’t lock the screen even manually - nothing happens!