Libvirtd: Interner Fehler: connection closed due to keepalive timeout

I get this sometimes when I try to login into a VM.

So the VM starts fine, but after type in the password i get this error and virt-manager has no response.

How can I fix this?
I tried already to change the keepalive timeout to 5, 15 sec.

It does not help and revert the change.

you’re added yourself to this groups ?

libvirt-qemu libvirt kvm 

and the libvirtd-service is started/enabled ?

I followed the manjaro wiki as I installed it:

It did not tell me to add the groups you mention expect libvirt.

i know but i came up with the 2 other one’s while i also had various trouble with the last 2-3 updates in the past. by digging the internet i found this 2 ones by time. you can try them otherwise you can delete them from groups. trial and error… fingers crossed that it helps.

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Yep, thanks it works better now.
I updated the wiki as well.

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