Libva-mesa-driver (pkgbase: mesa) regression broken support for video hw encoding decoding

Dear maintainer,

I use testing version of manjaro, I got problem with support for h26x video hw accel from libva-mesa-driver.
Version 22.3.3-3 is the latest work version, newer from that version, h26x support is missing, also not show on vainfo output.
Now I must use archlinux package, latest version 23.1.2-1 of archlinux one works for me.
I’m not remember that manjaro is on fear of ‘licensed codec’ like what fedora dev currently on, but as I found in manjaro PKGBUILD
– that manjaro is not including this flag to enable codec support:
-D video-codecs=vc1dec,h264dec,h264enc,h265dec,h265enc

archlinux pkg enable these flag.
I also traced from mesa source, there is no default value for video-codecs flag

freedesktop/mesa: meson-options.txt

type : ‘array’,
value : [],
choices: [
‘vc1dec’, ‘h264dec’, ‘h264enc’, ‘h265dec’, ‘h265enc’
description : 'List of patent encumbered codecs to build support for. ’ +
'Distros might want to consult their legal department before ’ +
'enabling these. This is used for all video APIs (vaapi, ’ +
'vdpau, vulkan). Non-patent encumbered codecs will be ’ +
‘enabled by default.’

another ref:
I hope this will fixed asap

It was fixed.

Upstream had long left nonfree bits in when they should not have.

This has been rectified - our packages reflect this.

See this thread for more info (and a repo for the nonfree versions of the packages):

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Yes - you found this

Manjaro as distribution has made the choice - not to include these patent encumbered codecs.

You can use the search function - to find a lot of topics on the matter - in fact - the decision created a lot of noise almost everywhere - now it is business as usual.

hm I can’t open that link. also not shown on search result.

Go to then.

That is the source it was going to point to, and contains steps on how to add the repo if you wish.

(ah yes … that thread is in ‘members hub’ so not visible to all)

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That is because the entry is not open to everyone.

You can install the packages from a community powered repo - instructions on

maybe i will resort to manual download from arch repo as they’re more reputable imo
But, things regarding this topic (manjaro stands for nonfree thingy) its not that visible on this forum, if I knew that I would not create this thread on the first place :confused:

I dont know that that would be the advisable approach … but if thats what you do … then you might want to switch to Unstable Branch. Or … I suppose you could try and match the current Testing release to what you can find in the arch linux archive.

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No - Manjaro is not behind that repo - it is a community effort to bring nonfree codecs to Manjaro users.

Source is at mesa freeworld · GitHub

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