LibreOffice Writer opens an invisible window

Is LibreOffice broken for anybody else as of the last Manjaro snapshot? I’m using KDE Plasma (Wayland) and as of the last few weeks at least, LibreOffice Writer will open up and have a taskbar icon but I see no window: Minimizing and restoring from the taskbar causes an invisible rectangle that dims the desktop to appear instead, never seen anything like this before.

Other LibreOffice components like LibreOffice Draw don’t seem to be doing this and work fine: It’s only Writer apparently. Doesn’t seem to matter if I click on an odt file or just open up the program from the launcher, it always seems to be doing it now.

I’m on X11, and I cannot reproduce what you’re describing, so I’m guessing it may be Wayland-related.

Maybe one of the files under ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config/soffice.cfg/modules/swriter/ has gotten corrupted?

Also, it helps to mention whether you are using libreoffice-fresh or libreoffice-still. I’m using the -fresh variant.

On my system (X11) app window opened but it was 1px wide. Try to do the following:

  • minimize all windows, launch LibreOffice app
  • find tiny vertical white line on the screen, drag by the side to resize it
  • maximize it and close “What’s new” ribbon inside of it.
  • close the window. It should open full screen after relaunch.

It helped on my system

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That’s what it was, thank you! I noticed a little 1px blue line at the top-left screen edge, I could right-click or drag from there to bring it back. Dragging the window cauzed weird artefacts to appear on my screen, but at least I have the window showing up again.

My friend Tom Peet says the Asian fonts it uses broke the app. I showed him how to install Wordperfect 7 to run in WINE. HE IS HAPPY NOW…:blush:

This seems to pop up on every other update. It happened on the last update and I’m on Wayland.

There’s also calligra, which is a complete office suite for Plasma — it’s the successor to the old koffice suite — although nothing says that you cannot use it in any other graphical environments.

And if a word processor is all one needs, there’s also abiword, which is GTK-based.

Both calligra and abiword are in the official repository.

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