Libreoffice writer: duplicate icon in panel

when i click the LibreOffice writer blue icon: another dark icon appears in the panel and the opened files go there an doesn’t go to the original icon
why this happens? and how to fix it?

Check your task manager settings — right-click any icon, choose “More”, and then “Configure icons-only task manager”. Then check the following setting :point_down:

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Add your noise to increase the priority for this annoying bug


i could not find “more” when right clicking icons.
i searched for icons-only task manager and could not find it
may be because i’m using Wayland?

Normally if you right-click the icon — provided that it is a pinned application on the task manager — there should be a “More” at the bottom of the popup menu, with an arrow next to it. Whether you use Wayland or X11 should make no difference in that regard, given that this is a property of the Plasma task manager widget itself.

Of course, it will not work if the icon you’re clicking is on the panel itself, as opposed to an application icon on the task manager (which itself is a widget on the panel).

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i find it.
the setting you mentioned is set to: group by program name like yours.

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Well, in that case, I guess we’re dealing with the bug that @medmedin already mentioned higher up the thread. :man_shrugging:

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bug fixed in the latest version

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