LibreOffice won't change from dark theme to light theme

I rotate my system themes from dark to light depending on the time of the year. Now that we have a longer days, I switched to a light theme.

Unfortunately, libreoffice flatpack didn’t follow the change, although it has a setting (system theme). When I manually change it to light, also nothing happens, theme is still dark, also after the LO restart.

I’m not using LO from repos, because on Plasma 6 it’s bugged and doesn’t scale correctly, so UI is oversized and not usable.

According to the official documentation:

Besides the above page, this also might help:


I’m not sure if that is the issue. Previously, flatpack LO followed Plasma themes without problems. The issue you posted is very old. Besides, the default theme now is the dark one? This is definitely not standard.

Also, the fact that I can’t change it manually from LO options says that something is missing or not right. My guess is, Plasma 6 is not talking correctly to LO or my portal xdg settings needs to be updated, but how? I don’t know.

Since flatpack LO is unable to follow Plasma 6 themes at this moment, I probably need to install some themes on flatpack. How? No idea, but I hope I will find it. Everything about flatpacks is confusing and complicated. I hate them, but this is my only option if repo package missbehaves.

I found the reson of the problem. In Plasma 6, I used Global Theme Breeze to change all elements, but it didn’t change gtk3 theming. This is certinly a bug.

Anyway, I changed the gtk3 theme in Plasma manually and flatpack LO follows it correctly.

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