LibreOffice takes forever to load or open a file

It takes about 30 seconds for LibreOffice to load after the last updates. Even when open, opening a new document causes the same wait.

This thread says to disable hardware acceleration but it didn’t work for me.

check this [Stable Update] 2023-06-04 - Kernels, Gnome 44.1, Plasma 5.27.5, Python 3.11, Toolchain, Firefox - #2 by philm

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Thank you for the link! :slight_smile:

I got the list of packages that have Python3.10 in them…

pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.10/


But when I tried the build command this happened:

`pamac build $(pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.10)

Error: target not found: python-pep517

So I started building the first item in the list, ceph-libs. The name didn’t ring a bell at first, but then when the build process put a bunch of confusing text on the screen and heated up the cpu, I remembered it. This package got stuck trying to build about 6 months ago(?) taking forever and never finishing, probably shortening my cpu life. Eventually I had to just quit it. Looking up online there were other people with weird issues with it. So I’ve just removed ceph-libs for now, after reading this reddit thread. What is ceph-libs...? - r/ManjaroLinux
Is ceph-libs actually needed in Manajro? - #8 by tracyanne

Hopefully nothing depended on that (I learned about the pactree command about a minute after uninstalling :unamused: )

Now I need to find out about python-pep517. (Maybe learning about pactree will enlighten?).

no, you would want to click the arrow that says: Many applications (firefox, thunderbird, etc) slow to start on desktops other than Gnome

python issue is not related. (but can be fixed by removing python-pep517 and running the command again. At least for me, pacman will refuse if it is needed)

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That was easy :grinning:

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