Libreoffice Solvers, need more than just two

Just mentioning that those of us that use Libreoffice heavily may want to use all of the models available in the solver of Libreoffice. I couldn’t understand why the documentation shows four solvers, and the Libreoffice in Manjaro only has two. I checked the help forum for Libreoffice and this question has been asked for other distributions, and it is up to the package maintainer of that distribution to make sure all of the models are made available, there is no way for the end user to add them later, as an extension apparently.

Any chance of that being fixed? The total suite is:

from the Libreoffice calc Documentation page.

Currently just the first two are available in the build on Manjaro.

Just feel the software should be brought into compliance with the documentation, if possible.

If you want this solver, you need to install coin-or-mp . It is listed as a optional dependency for the packages libreoffice-fresh and libreoffice-still