LibreOffice runs very slowly

I think it may became very slow in June after some updates.

It starts normally fast, but then everything is very slow (even on a blank document): scrolling the (blank) document is slow, typing one character after another is slow, etc.

What I’ve tried:

  1. I’ve read about some problems with LibreOffice and XFCE so I’ve done:
sudo pacman -Rdd xdg-desktop-portal-gnome
sudo pacman -Syu xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

And restarted.

  1. I’ve tried the flatpak version.

  2. I’ve tried to restart in safe mode

  3. I’ve reinstalled LibreOffice


hello gustav,

this can be a lot and infos are very rare. a first thing is to create/add a new user for testing. login as this testuser and check if the problems persist. if they disappear then something with the .profile settings of your original user might cause the delay.
that’s a shot in the dark, but you can test if your profile-settings are lagging libreoffice.

No, it doesn’t change anything. I’d like to try with an older version of LibreOffice (since apparently the 7.5 of June broke it) but there’s only deb files available unfortunately…
EDIT: I’ve found the link to old Arch packages, but there are dependencies problems due to libicuuc.

hello gustav,

there is the option to downgrade especially for problems like yours now. see

feel free to ask if ther is something not working, but i think there should no problem happening.
hope this solve your problem

I’ve already tried the 2 ways to downgrade it noted in this guide:

  1. with Downgrade, it doesn’t offer version older than 7.6.0: The one which appeared in June 2023 and which broke my LibreOffice.
  2. Manually, I can download and install previous versions (older than 7.6.0). but it can’t run it and I am told that that the dependency is broken. Apparently I need to change some library, “Libicuuc” of my whole configuration. I didn’t find a simple way to do that without breaking everything.

I’ve got the other option of using Flatpak or Snap (to install an older version, not the current LO version: I’ve tried it and it is slow as before)… But I really don´t like it because it takes an awful space on my HDD. I’d prefer a “normal” software installation.

yes but using a flatpak/snap package temporarily for 1-2 months is a way better than to rebuild libraries that might conflict with your actual system. it’s imho okay as long as you use only 1 or 2 applications with flatpak, that shouldn’t bloath your hdd-space too much.

Maybe try a different Setting in OpenCL and views…
more input.