LibreOffice: .rpm-Installation (AUR)

For my daily work I’m using LibreOffice BASE.
Due to the issue with the ReportBuilder (missing JAVA dependencies) in the Repository, actually version 7.0.5-2 has been installed using the .rpm packages from AUR .rpm. Now we found, that all versions above 6.4 have an issue with the function “REPLACE”.
Therefore I’m searching advice how to install these three .rpm-packages (main / help / language), version
Thank you.

Don’t install rpm packages on a Manjaro install.

Instead, you can use the Flatpak which should have all the required dependencies.

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Thank you, but

  • I tried FlatPak (and snap also) but both were unusable slow;
  • furthermore it’s also version 7 so it does not solve the problem.

The mentioned PKGBUILD is running perfect, except the “REPLACE”-Bug. Therefore I’d like to follow this procedure, but with the 6.4.7-2 files.

I can help, which language do you use?

Thank you @ Lolix: help files and spellchecker for German language.

Here we go, the package can be installed alongside the system libreoffice without conflicts, this should work for you

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git --needed
git clone
cd PKGBUILD-AUR_fix/zz_wip_and_test/libreoffice-6.4-rpm
makepkg -SicC
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@ Lolix: Thanks a lot!

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