LibreOffice offline help package

LibreOffice comes with a help package that can be installed locally (without it, F1 opens the corresponding webpage), but I can’t find that package when searching in pamac.

Anyone know the package name to search for?

As far as I know the help html documents are part of the main libreoffice package.

See Arch Linux - libreoffice-fresh 7.4.2-1 (x86_64) → Package Contents.
Help files at /usr/lib/libreoffice/help/.

Try either Fresh or still:

go to the language pack that you need and Download from mirror.

Thanks. I just missed that the “web address” starts with file:///usr/lib/libreoffice/help/

From previous experience (on XFCE), the help files opened in a separate help program window which I found easier to search. Is that not available in Plasma?

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