Libreoffice invalid parameter - How can i solve this?

i am using libreoffice to open a doc document, but it response with saying the thing starts with a invalid parameter. how can i solve this?

You could try on the terminal and paste the output here on code tags.

libreoffice document.doc

Maybe the document has macros?

Need more info. For this topic, I’ll refer to the actual file name, as “FileName”.

  1. Which desktop are you using?
  2. libreoffice version
    1. Open a terminal and type libreoffice --version
  3. Double check the file type
    1. Open a terminal and type file "FileName"
    2. You should see something like “Microsoft Word…”
  4. Is “FileName” in your $HOME directory (local, not network)?
  5. How did you try to open “FIleName”, from
    1. The command line as @mithrial suggested. Sometimes executing the command from the command line, errors are redirected to the terminal where they can be more easily viewed.
    2. Or from the libreoffice File → Open menu
    3. Or from the libreoffice “Recent Document” list. In this case, hover over the FileName or icon and check the path. Has “FileName” moved locations?
  6. Are there any special characters in “FileName” (locale issue)?
    1. From the archived forum, see: Libre office won't open or save non English files - Technical Issues and Assistance - Manjaro Linux Forum