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Hello team -

I installed Manjaro eight months ago and at the time selected OnlyOffice but now realize that I need some of the features in LibreOffice. I installed “Fresh” but since I don’t see the LibreOffice app in the menu I realize that may be just a base package and more is needed. Any pointers about getting the rest installed would be great.

You can choose from either fresh or still LibreOffice

sudo pacman -Syu libreoffice-fresh

If this was the command used then you have all the apps installed

You should have them in your app launcher e.g. Writer or Calc but Libreoffice should also be findable - if they don’t show up (very rare) logoff or restart your system.



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got it…
I used Octopi first, and then it crabbed a few times on the command line, but it’s installed now…

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