Libreoffice-fresh theme issue - not paying attention to selected theme

The suite is just refusing to theme at all, got that ugly white theme that just hurts my eyes. I’m on XFCE, already tried swapping the gtk3 package for the gtk3-classic-xfce package and that didn’t resolve it so now I’m out of ideas to try. Anyone have 1 or 2?

Edit 1: By the way I did try setting the theme from “System” to “Dark”, in both cases it just ignored it and went with “Light”

Edit 2: Going to bed, delay your re-check of the thread by at least 7-8 hours.

I have an issue with Libreoffice and the icon theme. It’s been that way for awhile. I go into Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and change the Icon Theme to what I want. In my case Breeze (dark) I’m using Plasma 6 but maybe it applies to XFCE.

Replacing system components with unsupported aur packages usually only creates new problems.
Following that logic i suggest you check what else you have installed that is outdated, aur, unsupported etc.
The defaults definitely work fine. (System theme - matcha dark something, Office theme - system)


  • libreoffice (the main program) → tools → options (ALT+F12) → view (on the left) → appearance mode can be selected between “system”, “light” and “dark”
    choose dark
    also a theme can be selected below

definitely works for me - it does change instantly upon selecting “apply”

What also works is setting a dark theme for the whole desktop (matcha dark sea instead of matcha sea …)

What looks even worse with the dark theme then is the very white writing area in writer …

one idea:
create a new (test) user account and see whether the issue is the same there

It’s BECAUSE the defaults didn’t work that I tried the AUR package, btw I’ve already reverted back the default package since the AUR one didn’t work out.

As I’ve already said, I’ve already tried that hence this thread.

I have had Adwaita-dark set ever since I installed manjaro, it was literally the 1st thing I set.

Not sure adwaita based theme is the optimal choice for xfce. Have you tried the default matcha-dark-sea?
And have you really checked for orphaned or aur packages?

What do orphans matter? If they’re there then at worst they’re just taking up memory. I do apparently have gtk4 installed too but even the ~/.config/gtk-4.0/settings.ini file shows that it’s set to dark theme (possibly a result of the Adwaita-dark theme I chose specifically to deal with edge cases that target gnome only).

For me, it doesn’t really work when Adwaita is used.
It does with Matcha themes.

and, re: ~/.config/gtk-4.0
the directory is empty
as are ~/.config/gtk-3.0 and ~/.config/gtk-2.0

I gave that matcha theme a try and nope, still no theming

LibreOffice is built using Qt and from their build instructions it appears to be based on qt5.

Xfce is based on GTK3 toolkit and the interaction between the toolkits has been difficult for as long as I can remember.

I recall back in my early linux time (late 90’s) how a Qt based distribution had severe theming issues when it came to GTK applications and the interaction still suffers - it has become better - the xdg-desktop-portal tries to unify this interaction - as does Kvantum.

You have a few places inside LibreOffice where you can adjust the look-and-feel.

Menu → Tools → Options → LibreOffice
→ View → Icon Theme (labelled Theme - I use the Breeze Icon set)
→ Personalization (I use default)
→ Application Colors (I think this is what you refer to as explored - I use System Theme)
→ Advanced → Enable experimental features (User Interface)

Save and restart LibreOffice - then you have some extras in
→ Menu → View → User Interface

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Well the closest I got to what I want is:

  1. Personalisation > preinstalled theme > dark
  2. Application Colours > automatic > dark

Still leaves MUCH to be desired so I’ll leave this thread open for now.

Since LibreOffice is a Qt based application - have you checked which Kvantum theme is applied?

Yeah, kvantum-dark is active. Pretty sure I set it that way when I 1st installed manjaro.

Hmm - a default Manjaro install of Xfce (virtual machine)

System Settings → Appearance → Adwaita dark theme

In LibreOffice

View → Mode → System
View → Theme → Breeze (SVG + dark)
Personalization → Default
Application Colors → Scheme → Automatic
Application Colors → Atutomatic → System Theme

Gives this

On an afterthought I checked Kvantum - defaults to a light theme - changed to KvGnomeDark

And your certain that’s the libreoffice-fresh package, not libreoffice-still?

[fox@nix ~]$ inxi -Sc0
  Host: nix Kernel: 6.9.2-1-MANJARO arch: x86_64 bits: 64
  Desktop: Xfce v: 4.18.1 Distro: Manjaro Linux

I actually didn’t check - just included the office package in the installer.

I do think it is the still package - version info from the vm

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 60(Build:3)
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 6.9; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Locale: en-DK (en_DK.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

If will be fairly easy for me to switch to fresh package - hang on for a few minutes - till I get back.

Just synced the vm with libreoffice fresh

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 420(Build:2)
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 6.9; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Locale: en-DK (en_DK.utf8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded
Same look and feel as still

only just noticed you edited your msg, don’t get notifications for that. Anyways you could check more easily by just using paman to search installed packages for libreoffice. This is one of those situations where a GUI really helps a tone.

LibreOffice (LO) uses VCL which can call gen, qt5/6, kf5/6, gtk3/4, win, osx… backends to draw natives UI components.

Can you start LO with:
SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 libreoffice

And see if it picks your applied GTK3 theme.

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That did the trick, I’ll edit my .pam_environment file to set that variable for future boots

You can make this change by editing /etc/profile.d/
just uncomment the line