LibreOffice defaults to many file extensions to itself

I use Neovim as my default text editor. After installing via pacman, many text files (MIME types) are by default opened with Neovim, which is what I want.

After installing LibreOffice (libreoffice-still), it makes many “Neovim file extensions” to be opened by LibreOffice, including .txt or .log.

How can I undo that for all file types (there are a lot of them)? Or rather, how can I tell LibreOffice to only set itself as the default application for file extensions not claimed by any other program?

Go to Default Applications > Others and search for “txt”. Then you can choose the default application for that mime type. Same can be done for every other extension.

That I know, but there are just too many file types, e.g. css, markdown, rust, python, cmake, changelog, … and many more I know and don’t know of.

Is there a setting to do it all at once, or better (as I described earlier) to only give LibreOffice permission to set itself as a default application for file types, which don’t have a default yet.

Post the content of ~/.config/mimeapps.list