Libreoffice Calc - lack of formula tool tips

In the past, it was enough to start typing = and then a formula, like =vlookup to see this yellow prompts (floating info mini-panels? not sure how to name them) of the formula structure above the cursor. Of course, it was strongly formatted and sucks in comparison to how it works in MS Office, nevertheless it was some help if you already know the formula.

Ah, found some example. Notice this gray (for me it was always yellow) stripe with the formula structure, below the cursor (usually it was above, but maybe it was a dynamic placement).

Some time ago (a year or more), after an update, this functionality disappeared. It’s still present when using the same version of LO in Windows, so I assume, something is wrong on my side, maybe lacking package or some wrong setting? At the moment I have to write all the functions from the memory, and it’s not as easy as it was before, because I need to try few times till I get it right if the function is not known to me.

Any idea how to fix it?

EDIT: I found documentation about the formulas in LO:

On site 22 it says:

“Calc keeps the syntax of a formula displayed in a tool tip next to the cell as a
handy memory aid as you type.”

So in my case, this tool tip is missing and I don’t know why.

P.S. By the way, I wanted to register in libreoffice forum to ask for the same but it’s impossible to get to the forum… There is some kind of domain re-route and loop, so it force me to edit my account data or change password but never lets me go back to the forum and with logged in status. Stupid and confusing.

I’m using LibreOffice v. from Flatpak, the tooltip is fine:

The tool tips work fine for me in version from the repo. Which version do you have installed?

Hi, @michaldybczak.
I disable this function (I find this feature more annoying than useful).

Anyway, check the menu item
Tools -> Autoinput
and you will get the tool tip again. :smiley:


I can see how that would be easily overlooked. It’s not obvious (at least to me anyway) that Autoinput relates to tool tips.

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I know… You are right. :+1:
The meaning of Calc’s menu items, often, tends to be rather obscure.
I think they should conform to Excel which, from this point of view, is certainly superior.
That said, I still love Calc. :smiley:

Thanks! That was it! It works again :slight_smile:

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