Libreoffice 7.0 crashes when switching windows in KDE 5.19 under certain circumstances

How to reproduce:

  1. Open any of libreoffice apps. Let’s say Libreoffice Writer.
  2. Inside the document, type anything inside like “Hello world.”.
  3. KEEP IN EDIT MODE - Don’t press ESC when you are done.
  4. Now, switch to another window using Global Shortcuts in KDE. EDIT: After experimented a bit, this happens even with switching windows with the mouse.
  5. Switch back to Libreoffice Writer and observe that the app begin to freeze and moments later crash.

Could anyone offer any help? This might be a Libreoffice bug, but I wanted to make sure it’s not my system’s configurations.

Did you make a test user and see if that is reproducible ? Can’t reproduce it here.

Cannot reproduce here with xfce and LibreOffice 7.02 Fresh. It must be something unique to your system. Maybe backup your LO configuration and try with a new LO config.

After resetting the configs, i could no longer produce this in Writer. BUT, the issue still persist in other libreoffice apps.

How to produce (except writer)

  1. Select a text box. e.g. text box in Impress
  2. Now try editing a text box.
  3. Whilst the text box is still being edited, switch to another window.
  4. Switch back, and observe that Libreoffice begins to freeze and moments later crash.

I still have the exact same issue.

I can avoid the crash by changing libreoffice backend to GTK3 SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 libreoffice but this is not ideal because the filepicker will be the gtk one.

Hey everyone,

I can absolutely confirm this issue with ArchLinux (current Plasma). It is not solved, yet.

Hello everyone watching this thread :wave: , it seems that this issue was resolved somewhere between ArchChem’s comment and the latest stable release ( Community). I could not reproduce this issue anymore. If you have your own issues, i believe the forum guidelines ask that you make your own thread about your specific issue.

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