Libre draw to edit PDF files but s.o. buggy

Did obtain Libreoffice-fresh in order to use Libre draw editing PDF files, but how come everytime PDF opened or imported it has many flaws in content texts ?

Is it s.o that’s only here or on every other OS else, or only on fresh kind, or… ?

There is no perfect tool for editing PDF - probably because PDF is not designed for modification.

It is designed to be a Portable Document Format with the sole purpose of rendering the document identical no matter the system.

Many attempts has been made to recreate PDF in in an editable format but there is few valid reasons to do so - as sending a document as PDF is usually to preserve the content so it display correct and on many occations to protect the document text or images from being extracted or modifed. It is cheap and almost 100 per cent work under WINE.

softmaker is in the repos and aur … no need for wine.

It depends what and how you want to “edit” PDF files but i’ve found xournalpp (or Xournal++) to be very good.

But it is only office suite; it does not include pdf editor.