Libinput-gestures.conf and xdotool


I installed those two packages and tried to make some gestures,
I wanted to make 2 fingers swipe left make go back
I wrote this line:

gesture: swipe left 2   xdotool key alt+Left

But it does not work ; (

I am sure that this packages are work because I add following line to config

gesture: swipe right 3  xdotool key super+ctrl+Right
gesture: swipe left 3   xdotool key super+ctrl+Left

and they work well, also after following command:

libinput-gestures-setup restart && libinput-gestures-setup status

I see libinput-gestures is running message

I also wanted to make that 3 finger swipe down change brightness to 0 and for up increase by 10, how can I do it by command not by simulate pressing key.

Thank you for any tips in advance <3

I think that 2 finger swipe is already handled by the desktop environment

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Yes, u right after change to 3 fingers it works well.

How about commands to change brightness?

I’m afraid I don’t know about that… I guess there are some mechanisms in xdotool to debug and intercept keyboard shortcuts like the ones you use normally to decrease increase brightness

xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessUp
xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown

could work if the desktop environment has the necessary daemons to handle it.

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@lorebett No problem thank you about your help <3
@pobrn Thanks a lot, it works for increasing, unfortunately I wanted to swipe down change to 0 % :D,

Anyway if no one know how to, still I appreciate so much <3

It depends on what software is installed on your machine. Maybe the software you use right now to manage the brightness has a D-bus API which can be easily invoked to set the brightness to zero.

TBH, im super beginner with linux, but I am happy to learn.
Would u mind to LMK how to check it?
I use manjaro w/ i3 :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

One thing you could try is xbacklight -set 0, and there are multiple other programs listed here.

So I checked and I think that it’s not any of them. What I did?

  • I wrote your command and got message command not found
  • I wrote package names and for each got command not found
  • I wrote command sudo pacman -S ... where … are names of packages from your link, and also packages not found

What I think is that maybe I could just install one of them? I am asking because I do not know if that maybe will generate some problems :rofl:

Thank you for helping me :blue_heart:

xbacklight is in the xorg-xbacklight package, acpilight is also in the official repositories. Those programs which are marked “AUR”, are in the AUR.

Thank you, so it works <3

Anyone needs my config, here you go:

gesture: swipe left 3   xdotool key alt+Left
gesture: swipe right 3  xdotool key alt+Right
gesture: swipe right 4  xdotool key super+ctrl+Right
gesture: swipe left 4   xdotool key super+ctrl+Left

gesture: swipe down 3   xbacklight -set 0.1
gesture: swipe up 3 xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessUp

Thanks again!

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